Can we track down Jezebel’s Rebecca Rose and corral her into Sloretown, please?

I love her commentary on the banning of Tom’s Jaguar ad on the UK airwaves.

She wrote:

Trust me. It encourages nothing to do with driving a car. I totally forgot there was even a car in this ad. It might encourage me to fling my underwear across the room and watch Thor 2: The Dark World on repeat for the next few hours after downing a few glasses of Pinot Noir, but other than that, it’s completely harmless.

ALSO CHECK OUT TWITTER:  There’s a fun hashtag to jump in on:  #GoodToBeBanned

OK, you have tracked me down. Where do I go to collect my prize????


Anonymous asked:

I'm really curious as to why you'd include "right wing" or evangelical" along with "slut shaming" or "racist" as if they go hand in hand. I'm a pretty liberal, vegan atheist, by the way. It just seems very exclusionary and misinformed and plain wrong to include those groups together, not to mention it seems to be asking for a certain bent from your readers. Do you want the truth and real plights or a conservative bad, liberals good take on teen issues. Something to question yourself about.

ibelieveyouitsnotyourfault answered:

Conservatism is an ideology built around the preservation of “traditional” values and social structures. But those “good old days,” for marginalized groups like women and people of color, were largely a time of oppression. Why would we want to preserve them?

Conservative politicians and thinkers—who have seen great success aligning themselves with racist, xenophobic, and evangelical voting blocs—actively work to strip women of their voices and exclude us from seats of power, proudly champion policy that keeps women out of the workforce and chained to the “traditional” family structure, promote abstinence-only education, shame and blame the victims of sexual assault, and give no credence to the possibility that women are best placed to make decisions about our own bodies.

Broadly speaking, conservatism is bad for women. So, yes, we want a “conservative bad, liberals good take on teen issues.” That is the explicit purpose of the site.

If kids want a “traditional,” victim-blaming, slut-shaming, conservative perspective, many of them can already get that at home or at school. This site aims to provide a counterpoint to that oppressive narrative, for the kids who have none and are struggling because of it.